Hello Just Jazz Fans;

We wanted to take a moment to write to you about the coronavirus (COVID-19). Many Artists and Patrons have contacted us about their concerns. We want to ensure you that the health and safety of our patrons, and the community in which we operate, is our top priority. 

With that, we realize the seriousness of this pandemic so we are postponing our shows for the next couple of weeks. We are working with our staff in order to stay in accordance with the CDC, State Of California and City Of Los Angeles recommendations and are taking all measures possible to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We are cleaning/disinfecting our venue multiple times each day and encourage everyone to take standard precautions. 
Wash your hands! Wash them often and wash them thoroughly! Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. If you’re sick or if your immune system is compromised, please stay home! (we are currently working on a Livestream solution to allow you to enjoy Just Jazz in the comfort of your home and on your mobile device).

It is music that is usually the healing force of the Universe. Bringing people together in these times of tumultuous absurdity of the Orange Agent of Evil, world hunger, racism, xenophobia and many many other tragic inequities of humanity, we aspire to do to promote love and togetherness. Unfortunately for the moment, these gatherings can cause us harm. So we will keep tabs on what life has in store for all of us and make appropriate decisions in accordance with the climate. 

In the words of John Coltrane, 
When you begin to see the possibilities of music, you desire to do something good for people, to help humanity free itself from its hang-ups.” That's Just Jazz! As music venues are closing and listening rooms are becoming more rare, it is important for Just Jazz to keep this tradition alive, to grow the music community that can welcome you in when you need to escape from the stress of the world. 

For now, we will continue with performances on April 1st unless you are notified otherwise via email or via posts on our Instagram and Twitter pages. We have been communicating regularly with our staff, our management and our visiting performers. We will update you if anything changes. 

Stay safe, wash your hands, and don't panic! Rest assured that we are going above and beyond to keep bringing you great jazz music -- so you can live life as it should be lived: passionately and without fear.


Hope to see you soon.
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 LeRoy Downs (The JazzCat)

 Sam Milgrom (Mr Musichead Gallery)

 Frederick Smith Jr. (Just Jazz TV)


Mr Musichead Gallery
7420 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Event Details

Doors open at 7:00p.
Music starts at 8:00p.
VIP Reserved guests receive guaranteed seating and two free drinks.
Limited seating.


Chris Williams Trumpet & Effects
Patrick Shiroishi saxophones
Joshua White piano
Eric Revis Bass
Guillermo Brown Drums