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Just Jazz Concert Series Presents

Etienne Charles

Trinidadian jazz trumpeter Etienne Charles, celebrated for his genre-defying blend of jazz and Caribbean rhythms, is set to captivate audiences at The Town House Venice on May 2nd, in collaboration with Just Jazz. Known for his soulful trumpet work and cultural fusion, Charles promises an evening of vibrant and dynamic performances. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the magic of Etienne Charles and his ensemble as they take the stage for an unforgettable jazz journey on May 2nd. Presented by Just Jazz at The Town House Venice.



Hosted at Wave Street Studios, Monterey California

Join Us and our Phenomenal Artist in Monterey California at Wave Street Studios 

Livestream, Tune in, & Watch past Performances Below


Magnifying Creative Expression

Founded with the mission to create intimate and immersive musical experiences, the Just Jazz Concert Series brings together an eclectic array of jazz artists, ranging from emerging talents to established virtuosos. The series is not just a platform for performances but a curated journey into the heart of jazz, where each concert is an exploration of improvisation, creativity, and the timeless allure of this musical genre.

With venues carefully chosen across Los Angeles County and Central California Coast, the Just Jazz Concert Series provides a unique opportunity for both seasoned jazz enthusiasts and newcomers to connect with the soul-stirring essence of live jazz. As a testament to its commitment to the genre's vitality, the series continues to contribute to the resurgence of jazz, creating a vibrant space where the spirit of this timeless music comes alive.

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