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The Legacy of 

Just Jazz on KCRW and KRML serves as a dynamic platform for showcasing the diverse landscape of jazz, featuring a carefully curated selection of tracks that span eras, styles, and sub-genres. LeRoy's distinctive voice and deep knowledge of the genre create an engaging and immersive experience for listeners, making each episode a journey into the heart and soul of jazz music.


Beyond simply playing music, the Just Jazz Radio Show contributes to the cultural conversation surrounding jazz, highlighting emerging artists, celebrating legends, and fostering a community of passionate jazz aficionados. With a commitment to excellence and a genuine love for the art form, Just Jazz on KCRW and KRML remains a vital force in keeping the spirit of jazz alive and thriving on the airwaves.

Tune In and Turn Up

Listen to Just Jazz on KCRW and KRML. Click the button to listen to the newest digs from LeRoy "The Jazzcat" Downs!

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